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View Diary: Sandhill Cranes Descend Upon Nebraska (33 comments)

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    We live in a rural area in Michigan and each year, around the end of February or as late as mid-March, a pair of cranes comes back to the shoreline of the small lake our home overlooks. We think it's the same pair each year. The juvenile from the year before accompanies its parents, but some weeks later it's out on its own. Every year the cranes nest, and two years ago they produced two chicks--quite a surprise, as one chick is more common by far.

    When we drive around in the spring and then again in the fall, we see lots of sandhill cranes in the fields around here; in the fall they can be in quite large groups, I assume preparatory to their migration.

    I didn't know they're the oldest bird on the planet, but when you hear their call, you can well believe it! When I first heard it, I said, "Wow, they sound prehistoric!"

    Thanks for this diary.

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