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      I did a diary on the gun distribution last August. About a week later I followed up with another diary on Petraeus's leadership and the death of another aide that directly reported to Petraeus just like Westhusing.
       I read some of the comments over at Bryce's article at the Texas Observer and I remembered a few facts from my readings last fall.
       Westhusing had worked with Petraeus one other time when they were both in Ft Bragg. They were not close but respected each other. The reputation Petraeus left in Ft Bragg was that he would walk over dead soldiers if future stars and stripes would adorn his uniform. A well connected kiss-ass type of guy.
      Secondly, Ted Westhusing was left handed. The problem with the investigation was that the first soldiers on the scene reported that the entrance wound was on the right side and the exit was on the left side. The autopsy report reversed this earlier report. Maybe someone remembered that he was left hand.
       There was never any effort to do powder burn examinations on either Westhusing or the aide that "found his body" shortly after noon on June 5th. The aide was alone in Westhusing room and they never checked him for powder residue. It was hard to believe.
       Think about it. Would you kill yourself on the birthday of your Mother? June 5th was her birthday. He had sent her an email just that morning wishing her a good day.
       Immediately after the investigation was completed, Petraeus was immediately transferred. In September of 2005, the training and equipping of the Iraqi troops was gaining lots of attention because we had been at it for 18 months and no progress was being made. This was the main responsibility of then Lt Gen David Petraeus.
       Even with this bad experience with weapon distribution, it was Petraeus that is now credited with bringing an end to the violence in Iraq by arming the Sunni's in al-Anbar. All these weapons will also come back to haunt us within the next year. The Sunnis will consolidate power here and then begin to use their strength against al-Maliki or al-Sadr, whomever has the most power this fall.

    Eisenhower- "We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage."

    by NC Dem on Wed Apr 02, 2008 at 07:09:11 AM PDT

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