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    Americablog was my favorite blog for a long time. Then the constant Hillary bashing from John Aravosis and others began. But what really got me was when I noticed that the responses in the comment section were sometimes unanimously anti-Hillary, so I tried to post a few nice, respectful, non-inflammatory posts that supported her. They were deleted. I wasn't banned. I simply had my posts deleted.  So I tried a test post that supported Obama, and it was posted. I can't believe how far overboard that blog has gone.  Anyway, I don't go there any more.

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      Mike Erwin

      He took it out on anyone who showed strong proof that his ENDA stance for throwing Transgenders out was wrong. He showed so much hate towards those of us who were Transgender that his comments were nothing more then hate. He would edit and respond to comments by attacking people instead of trying to understand. It's funny we warned them nothing would end up happening on ENDA but they didn't listen.

      When we are together it isn't me who matters, but the other person

      by AHiddenSaint on Wed Apr 02, 2008 at 01:57:59 PM PDT

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