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  •  it was a bit histrionic (3+ / 0-)
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    But it is a very slow news cycle right now.  And people lost interest in Tuzlagate - the scandal that kept giving.

    But whether it could be seen as "vetting" or "concern trolling" or whatever, Clinton's tax returns are news, and they are matters of public interest.  The drooling and snark might be reined in but there is an overall snarkiness to online media wherever you go.

    But if you dig down into the "Mothership" post as i did, and go through the 2006 tax return of the Clintons - all 60 something pages of it - you will see that it's going to take a good financial analyst with a good handle on what all those line items are to actually squeeze any parsable news out of them - I know I can't, and so it's more blab than anything.  I do agree that McCain's record of opposing the granting of the MLK Day holiday and being booed at a speech is far more interesting!

    louise 'hussein' to you!

    by louisev on Fri Apr 04, 2008 at 03:22:32 PM PDT

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