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View Diary: McCain Waits 25 Years to Apologize for Voting Against the MLK Bill (233 comments)

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  •  MLK would want you to impeach Bush & Cheney (5+ / 0-)

    Please, if you want to honor the greatest American of the last century, you must impeach the two most despicable politicians of this century.  They stole two elections, they lied us into war, they robbed the Treasury, the let New Orleans drown, they failed to catch the man who killed 3,000 Americans and they let 4,000 soldiers die just so their friends could steal Iraqi oil.

    If Dr. King were alive today, you know he would be speaking out daily against this vile administration.  Please, Congressman Conyers, honor him and respect the wishes of your fellow Americans.  

    "It is time to be patriotic about something other than war" - John Edwards

    by Valhalla on Fri Apr 04, 2008 at 08:55:09 PM PDT

    •  Yes-MLK would been for have been for impeachment (3+ / 0-)
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      rlharry, reflectionsv37, imchange

      and would have and could have applied a lot more pressure than has been so far applied. Rep. Conyers, you and your fellow Representatives have been able to skate on impeachment, now it doesn't matter, you couldn't stop these madmen now anyway, if you ever could.
       Your fellow Representatives and yourself have developed some rational not obvious to us voters, in spite of our loud and constant wishes, and your statement the other day threatening impeachment proceedings if Bush invades Iraq is transparent on it's face: the Plan can only be to attack Iran using air and naval power, with no invasion (special forces would not be considered 'invasion' by those weakening in the face of this attack, and likely counterattacks).
       The response from Iran is almost unecessary if Cheney and Bush use nukes as they seem to have threatened, impeachment would then be a joke. A JOKE.
        If Iran retaliates to a conventional air attack, non nuke, and causes damage and casualties to especially fixed bases and naval bases, no one will vote for impeachment after a vessel is sunk and we have the families and their grief all day on the news.
        The time has almost past to impeach, given the damage they may yet cause, and their perhaps limited, god willing, time in office.
         At this moment, McCain doesn't matter. He's a distraction from the task at hand.

       Do what you can, the time is now if ever.

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