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View Diary: Baptists rescue Mormon children (163 comments)

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  •  i did not say there was anything redeeming... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... about it. i just ask that they bring warrants.

    i also understand that there is this horrible organization called al qaeda. however, i would also like all of the detainees at gitmo to have trials. just in case. i am totally knee-jerk that way.

    frankly, i won't read those links too much. this is not something i care that much about. they should have brought warrants for each family. that's all. sorry if it seems knee jerk and ignorant to you and this is a pet issue. just bring warrants. i don't trust cops to make good choices on the fly. i want the choices to be made for them and in writing. that's all. i don't care if the flds is the nazi party squared. i still want warrants. don't know what else to say.

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