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View Diary: Obama "Fellows" will Organize Regardless of Nominee (148 comments)

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  •  I don't agree with you (2+ / 0-)
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    lauramp, DaNorr

    The monetary control is centralized at the top as you say because people donate to Obama and not his volunteers. However, Obama campaign's success has been in the total decentralization of the strategies and tactics. I read an article some time back about how he provided online tools for people in the region to communicate with each other and get together and start initiatives that are adapted to the local environment--right to a small precinct. For e.g. his approach to voter registration drives and GOTV has been very different in different states or even within a state. All the GOTV, voter registration drives, and campaign strategies have been use of creative ideas from local supporters. The paid Obama campaigners go to a precinct and ask the local people what resources they need and give it to them, rather than telling them what to do. The money is channeled top-down but the strategies and tactics flow from bottom-up.

    •  it is absurd on its face (0+ / 0-)

      to say that any organization where control of resources is not open to democratic process or accountability to membership is "bottom up" in any real sense of the word.

      The volunteer fervor for Senator Obama is amazing, inspiring, and hugely promising. That doesn't make it a "movement" nor "bottom-up".

      "Providing on-line tools" to get out the vote for a candidate, to distribute literature about a candidate, and to do voter IDs for a candidate is not equal to building an organization where people have a tangible ownership stake in support of a self-interested ideology (like the labor movement--or the Sons of Liberty).

      You are confusing taking initiative to support a person with building infrastructure to support an ideology. The former is what happens in election campaigns; the latter in movements. Look: it isn't a criticism of a guy running for President to say that his campaign apparatus is just that and not a movement. He's built an awesome, fearsome, and potentially hugely beneficial campaign apparatus, but that doesn't make it a grassroots movement, it just means it has grassroots support.

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