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View Diary: CT-Sen: Lieberman's popularity continues to slide (161 comments)

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    Christopher Walker, SoxFan04

    I think our best bet with Lieberman is to recruit a strong republican to run for his CT Senate seat in '12.  Seriously.  Then Lamont runs again.

    Total votes:

    Lamont now still pulls his 40-55% (w/ VERY strong D support).

    The strong Republican candidate pulls ~25%. [we only lost this in '06 because there was a weak R candidate - and Lieberman is a jerk]

    Lieberman pulls 25-35% - now who cares.  

    BIZARRO idea, but SHAYS for CT Senate '12?!?!?!

    That'll get him out of the House of Representatives, he'll lose in the Senate general election, Lamont wins with strong D support, and Lieberman is out.  

    Lieberman can't resign before '12, because Rell will replace him with an (R), that'll give incubment status to any replacement in an election, and the D's will have a tougher tiime.  Although Lamont still has strong sympathy support here.


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