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View Diary: Randi Rhodes Has Left Air America (121 comments)

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    Big fan of Stephanie. No canned laughter. Maybe faked laughter by her partners Jim Ward and Chris Lavoie. She would cut off their testicles if they didn't laugh. If anybody is a fan of the old days of Howard Stern when Billy West was on, impressionist Jim Ward will give you  a similar experience. He does a dead on Bill O'Reilly and a dead on Kim Jong-il. Well maybe not Kim Jong-il so much but he is hysterical. Randi use to be on the show from time to time and Stephanie and her would joke about lesbian make-up sex after any little spat.

    It is ironic that a few weeks ago Randi was critical of Obama supporters like Stephanie for being too critical of Hillary. Hell has frozen over as we now have Randi losing her job for we know what and Stephanie met Hillary recently at a Beverly Hills fundraiser.

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      phony and awful to my ears--especially since I don't think she's in the least bit--you know--FUNNY!

      She's smart, and I really like her demeanor on that talking heads shows--she's got a cool headed-ness that allows her to make salient points very matter-of-factly.

      But, honestly, I can't listen to more than a few minutes of her morning show to be able to distinguish between what I hear as "canned" laughter and the cacophony of fake laughter that erupts much too often.

      Has Stephanie showed any more support for HRC since having met her?

      If so, it would solidify my theory that journalist (which Stephanie is NOT--but she IS human), on order not maintain some objectivity, ought NOT to be hobb-nobbing with those they are entrusted to cover--objectively.)

      HOPE: It's the new black.

      by Samwoman on Thu Apr 10, 2008 at 12:11:53 PM PDT

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        Samwoman, tecampbell

        Last couple of weeks I've been listening off and on while doing other things. She seems to still support Obama. The mocking of Hillary could ratchet up a bit. Hillary promised that she would call in and it has been around a week and still no Hillary call.

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