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    Dave Sund

    God bless anybody trying to turn this district Democratic. I ran in 1984 at the request of the party, and got the bejesus kicked out of me. I gave money to Maxine Moul in 2006, a terrific person and a great Democrat, and was amazed and pissed off that she didn't get closer to winning. This is likely to be the best Dem. year in decades, and that's really the only hope, some huge national sweep that discourages the Republican vote. I'd be interested in an analysis of what the Republicans are offering up and down the ballot to get their voters energized enough to show up. If there's literally no local reason for Republicans to go to the polls in November, perhaps this is the best shot the Party is going to have for a long time. I don't know the experience of this particular Dem. challenger, but I'd hope the party would nominate its most experienced candidate (or most exciting fundraiser) to be the challenger this time.

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