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  •  anastasia p, I have just read a diary you wrote (0+ / 0-)

    on March 7th, I think, called 'The Speech Obama Should Make'.

    I agree with every word you said with one caveat that will probably piss off a whole bunch of people.  Yes, that is the speech he should make, and i hope sincerely it is the one he WILL make, if he is elected President.  That should definitely be the tenor of his inaugural speech.

    However, and i know a great many people disagree with my opinion, even though it is shared by many on both sides of the aisle, and all shades of the spectrumm.

    The reality of the primary season when we select the party nominee, making that speech would be political suicide, even though it is arguably the truth, at least the truth as many of his sipporters see it.  It is the absolute truth also of those who would sooner see Bush have a third term in john mcCain, who would use it to paint him as an idealistic, naive, unpatriotic, too liberal, to represnewt the ewntire nation.  It would also fuel the same narrative that his recent 'bitter' comments is occasioning.

    I have said this before and have been screamed at but i say it again. there is never any one truth. There are facts and there are interpretations of facts. This is the ammunition used in both barrels of the guns fired at either side during a primary and eventually the general election.  They are meant to wound and eventually kill the oppositions.

    I am neither qualified nor willing to get into an esoteric argument about why i consider that the truth. At least certainly not at Dailykos. You mentioned George Lakoff, he can explain how 'framing' of the truth, or facts, are crucial to mass comprehension.  I can't, except intuitively.

    anyway, I hope in your busy and stressful schedule you can continue to write both diaries and comments.  I find them valuable to help me in my own thinking, which tends to be pragmatically idealistic.

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