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View Diary: Book Review: David Brock's and Paul Waldman's "Free Ride" (74 comments)

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  •  To beat him we need to knock his halo off (0+ / 0-)

    McCain's image of being maverick saint POW is unbeatable. Any criticism of him bounces off, and anything he does wrong is taken as a positive.

    The only way to defeat McCain is to redefine him. Someone needs to get right in his face on TV and say that being a POW doesn't prove anything about him, and that he's a dumb, two-faced, bullying liar.

    •  examples (0+ / 0-)

      I haven't read the book, but here are some examples of how McCain's team uses the POW image:

      If someone says "John McCain is wrong about the war", his team says "But he was a POW who suffered for his country. Could he be wrong about war? Could he have any motive besides what is best for the troops?".

      If someone says McCain is a liar or too close to lobbyists, McCain's people say "John McCain was a POW who could have come home but chose to stay with his team. Are you saying a man of such character could be a liar or in bed with a lobbyist?"

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