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View Diary: Will Barack Obama Earn the Endorsement of This Elitist? (360 comments)

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  •  NY Times today didn't have Obama's best retorts (0+ / 0-)

    compare that article today about Hillary finding an opening (McCain is featured on another front page column) with the content of Obama's hitting back a couple of days ago (someone posted a link to Youtube on Friday) omitted. I hope the Obama campaign takes his wonderful one liners and sticks it to them, by commercial, if need be - it took McCain three tries before he admitted the foreclosure crisis was real, Hillary saying Barak is out of touch, but she votes for making it more difficult to get out of debt to credit card institutions. He knows what's going on and it was a rousing speech. Unfortunately, Hillary's and McCain's asinine comments flood the news. After Obama's last major comeback speech the media simply pretends he didn't respond or cherry picks around the core of his response, yet check out the video (have to search for it on Daily Kos). Hillary and McCain are toast, if he is heard.

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