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View Diary: Banning Raw milk, banning labeling of rBGH Milk. What is really going on? (104 comments)

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  •  I drink raw milk all the time (6+ / 0-)

    and love it.  I was developing arthritis in my tailbone (I'm not quite as old as dirt)and since I started drinking raw milk the pain has completely gone away.  

    Mostly I make yogurt from it.  I've got it down to about a 3 minute involvement from me (and overnight growing in a cooler).  It's so yummy I eat several cups a day.

    The taste is not even on the same plane as that stuff you get in the store.  Even if I strip off the cream to make butter by hand (a 20 min process that I can do while watching TV and which I feel actually gives me a bit of exercise) it's still so much better.  And the best thing is, if I keep it a bit too long it never becomes that AWFUL thing that happens to pasteurized milk if you let it live in your fridge too long, it just starts smelling like cheese and I know it's time to go (I wish I had more time so I could actually make my own cheese but that's not to be at this point in my life).

    Also, I can drink it even when I've got a cold and that phlegm thing doesn't happen.  I'm all for it.

    Thanks for the diary and the update on what's happening to our food supplies.

    •  How do you make your yogurt? (1+ / 0-)
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      When the milk goes sour, can you make yogurt and/or cheese from it?

      •  I keep my milk in glass gallon containers (2+ / 0-)
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        RonV, Chalice of Jamshid

        because I try to avoid phthalates which like to leach from plastic into fatty liquids (it will leach into other liquids and even dryer goods but it loves fatty liquids).  

        So all I do is take a gallon out of the fridge, dip out some of the cream to make a batch of butter with that.  This gives me enough room to plop a 6 oz. container of brown cow plain or vanilla into the container which I then close up and shake like crazy for about a minute.  Then I take my playmate cooler, plop the milk jug in and fill with very hot tapwater.  My water heater is set so that this runs about 120 F.  I also have an aquarium heater that I store in the cooler between batches that I have set to keep the temp at about 112-115.  I check it at 7 or 8 hours, sometimes I give it another hour or two.  Plop it in the fridge, dump the water, store the cooler and heater and I'm done.

        I have tried it using plastic containers and it does not do well at all.  I believe the stuff leaching out affects the bacteria we want to keep alive.

        If it starts to smell like parmesian cheese I will quickly make a batch of yogurt.  I believe you could make cheese from it but I haven't conquered that yet.  I have yet to have a gallon go completely bad in the two weeks before I get my new milk.

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