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View Diary: Fear and Loathing in Black America: Clarence Thomas and Barack Obama (24 comments)

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    Nova Land, lauramp, Tam in CA, browneyes

    You have one hell of a sharp mind and are right on the money.

    That’s the paradox. How can you be judged as a "man" in racialized American culture? How can you be post-racial when you may be the only one who thinks that way?

    Indeed... to be post-racial in a racialized society is to live with a broken heart. The reptile brain, the source of all human tribalism, can't grasp the concept. It doesn't matter if your own consciousness is elevated if that of everyone around you is not, because they will break your will eventually.  

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      Nova Land, browneyes

      Race adds 10 pounds of psychologically damaging fat to everything. It's like how I don't like Dick Cheney but I don't take it personal. I hate what he's done and I think his ideas on executive privilege are dangerous. He's not even real necessarily to me, but growing up a black person who chose to think differently politically, or chose to date outside their race or question their surroundings were treated almost like traitors. Thomas may be "crazy," but he isn't immoral. He's just wrong and that isn't a crime. If you're solid that you're right you should have to demonize him to marginalize his view. It's overacting because there's this sense of race betrayal.

      I wish more people could separate their dislike of his beliefs the man. As long as we're obsessed with loyalty oaths and acts of fealty this problem will keep coming up.

      Now with 35 percent more snark!

      by blacksnob on Sun Apr 13, 2008 at 05:31:53 PM PDT

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