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  •  Cascading Failure of Civilization (2+ / 0-)
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    Cliss, Stranded Wind

    This was predicated on Pakistan's seeming to fall apart back in November...

    but it ties in to the premise that we're all in the same sub together.

    The home front parts...

    Home Front - Think V for Vendetta. The home situation for the United States is as dark as anyone here has dared imagine. Paramilitary security are everywhere. Wide powers of search, surveillance, seizure, interrogation, detention and summary judgment are asserted first by factions with at least nominal institutional legitimacy, then usurped outright in the open by any entity with the money and will to have a squad of hired guns represent its interests.

    Bad Western Activism. Rule of law becomes a travesty in situations where defamatory comments on a blog are considered grounds for justifiable homicide, and city councils and school boards are intimidated by the appearance in session of concerned citizens and their openly-brandished firearms. It only takes one or two incidents where shots are fired to make the point.

    Professional Military takes fall, Private Armies take over. This behavior is noted at higher levels of government. The response -- fund, arm and empower more security contractors at the expense of the discredited professional military which is officially blamed by civilian chickenhawks for failing and 'losing' not just two wars but pretty much the entirely of American superpower status.

    The military resents this bitterly. Many quit.

    They join security contractor outfits and go back to work for the same jerks.

    Others have other plans but keep their counsel for the time being.

    These veterans are watched very closely. Some are preemptively assassinated, fearing they might lead a revolutionary movement.

    Two parties, no unity, only one bipartisanship that matters. The political parties are fragmented. Officially there are still only two majors. In practice, there is only one ruling bipartisan coalition -- those with ties to media and munitions. That is the partnership of power -- forcing ones message through, whether listeners like it or not. Most people tune it out; the news is that depressing, and doing so -- embracing more of the apathy that lets such corruption flourish -- only feeds the cycle all the more.

    The sense is that the old world is utterly falling apart.

    For want of a lack of heart, of vision, of compassion, of flexibility, of imagination and courage, the world falls to shreds and what started as a very optimistic adventure in Iraq leads inevitably to Baghdad-like conditions in many cities in America, as well.

    I am here because of Ashley.

    by cskendrick on Tue Apr 15, 2008 at 06:04:53 AM PDT

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