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View Diary: WaPo: Fed gov't concerned about plastics causing cancer (25 comments)

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  •  I think the request is to a gnostic, but I will (4+ / 0-)

    echo what you said about kids and plastic.  We used glass baby bottles and try to use BpA free sippy cups, but it also extends as you say to many other products.  Looking at all the labeling, trying to figure out if it is the "right" kind of plastic is daunting.

    Europe (and California) have put a lot of pressure on companies making eating/drinking-ware for kids and we're starting to see a move to less BpA, but that does not extend to companies making packaging, for things like "lunchables," etc.

    •  for drinking bottles (5+ / 0-)

      the sigg bottles are safe and reusable.  
      this research has been slowly appearing over the past few years.  It is sad that the government seems to be reverting to the 1890s in terms of its unwillingness to protect consumer health.  Of course, I'm just bitter because my husband had a bad case of food poisoning last week.  And because I'd love to be able to buy food without having to research its safety beforehand.

      •  We haven't been protected from many things, it (0+ / 0-)

        came as a shock to me when the internet made information easier to find. bush might be worse, I'm sure he is, but seeing some of what Clinton allowed/manipulated was more distressing because I never would have believed it. I fear he was better than many before him.

        In what we eat, drink, breathe, smoke, touch, swallow long term harm not obviously traced back is to often not a major concern to industry or the agencies there to "protect" us

        From what's used to grow things to what's used to cook or store them.

        It would read like a conspiracy laden paranoids tale and I wish that's what it was. The more I know the less I want to know

    •  I wish I could find the article I read recently (0+ / 0-)

      It alluded to the fact that plastics build up in your body, and it may be one cause of childhood obesity, as well as adult obesity.  

      Adipose tissue holds on to the broken down chemicals in the plastic, if my memory serves me correctly.  Frightening stuff.

      Thankfully my children were breastfed and used very little plastic, and we were the unfun, strict parents when it came to packaged foods, or fast food, for that matter.

      No one wanted to be our kids.  Just kidding, they survived quite nicely.  


      Adding fuel to the outrage is all I have left. November 7, 2007. panicbean

      by panicbean on Tue Apr 15, 2008 at 06:42:19 PM PDT

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