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  •  Thank You (0+ / 0-)

    I hope you're cautiously incorrect and presumptive (background?), but just incase you're at the top of the diary.

    •  Expect the Clinton ad tomorrow showing bldgs (2+ / 0-)
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      CWalter, panamaniaco

      bombed by the Weather Underground...

    •  let's just say from a very good source. (0+ / 0-)

      like, kinda indisputable.  

      thanks for putting the above comment at the top of the diary, as to spur more action, and ACTIVE COMMENTING ON ALL MSM SITES!!!!!  you can just say it's confirmed that it's coming up.  

      i'll see if there may be something my very-close-to-it source would like to post up here himself, or through my acct, in several days.  who knows what will happen with this thing.  

      SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE - now is a GREAT time to learn more details about what really went down, and why.  the academy-award-nominated weather underground documentary is on youtube, so it couldn't be easier, or cheaper, to see.  there's a link to it on my blogroll.   but there are a lot of other sources, too.  if you don't know the truth, you can't dispute the lies.  so get armed with the TRUTH.  please, billary redux, put some  part of my 'if you don't know the truth you can't dispute the lies' message up towards the top of the diary, too, encouraging people to learn about what went down and why.  

    •  you might want to change diary title? dunno. (0+ / 0-)

      i'm a relative newbie here, but you might want to change the diary title to something more directly suggestive of the urgent action needed on many fronts in order to help keep this narrative from going out of control, in case the threat of it doing so presents itself.  we need to be able to point out lies and distortions but also keep our EYES ON THE PRIZE and make sure people know to focus on the issues that really matter, including the violence that is happening NOW, in OUR NAME, at home and abroad.   thanks for the terrific diary and the terrific job you've done being active, making insertions, etc., along the way!

      it is ABSURD that stephanopolous gets to moderate a debate. ABSURD. like, the biggest JOKE of the year.  HE WAS IN THEIR ADMINISTRATION.  no matter who he's supporting now, no matter his demeanor, no matter his integrity, it should simply NOT be okay.  

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