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    "Obama supporters love to pretend that the idea of a woman running the military is no big deal, when it is the primary reason that most men are not disposed to vote for her."

    As a graduate of the Ranger course, combat veteran of the 82d Airborne Division and 100% disabled veteran all I care to say to your comment is; FOOL!

    More than 90% of the democrats at my DAV & VFW Posts were for Hillary until she demonstrated that she is unfit for the office.  Unfit due to her actions and comments, not due to her gender.
    Perhaps for folks that have never been subjected to sniper fire or hostile fire of any sort the "she  is a she" argument resonates.  For those of us that have actually been there nothing could be further from the truth.

    Right is wrong now
    Shout out the big lie!
    Dave Matthews

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