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  •  It did seem mano a mano (0+ / 0-)

    between the two. Charlie kept interrupting Obama but not Clinton. It felt as if  the other two were barely there.

    After calming down a bit, I am wondering if it wasn't good for Obama to get these questions last night. He's going to get more of this stuff thrown his way and he might as well get used to it. I think he can find a way to push back on these kinds of question and then finesse a way to move on to a different subject.

    It's all good practise for him. I think we have to accept that ABC did what it did, and it wasn't what we had hoped for. I think we have to accept and move on as well and find a way to channel our energies  to help Obama in this race. We can't get stuck on the debate. You know that in two days some new theme will pop up in this race. Hey, maybe it will be "Screw Em Gate" ! First Read and others are reporting that the Clinton campaign has been defensive about it this morning.

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