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    answered, but would not have been caught in the trap in the first place, but as a thought experiment, try these.  They are not made up, my real views.

       1  Leaders on the religious right often say that America is a "Christian Nation." Do you agree with this statement?

    No.  This Nation was founded on the principle that the state and the church are separate and unrelated.  While many of the men who were Founders were Christian, their experience with the Crown soured them in blending the two.

       2 Do you think Houses of Worship should be allowed to endorse political candidates and retain their tax exempt status?

    Neither.  They should not have tax exempt status in the first place.  That places them in a subservient position to the state, and that is not allowed.

       3 Do you think public schools should sponsor school prayer or, as a parent, should this choice be left to me?

    Public schools should not sponsor prayer.  Nor should they prohibit it.

       4 Would you support a law that mandates teaching creationism in my child's public school science classes?

    No.  Science is science, and matters of faith are not science.  Therefore, there is not any overlap.

       5 Do you think my pharmacist should be allowed to deny me doctor-prescribed medications based on his or her religious beliefs?

    No.  If in her or his professional judgment I might be harmed, then the pharmacist has an obligation to resolve the issue.  (This happens all of the time, by the way, when different physicians, or even the same physician, prescribe drugs to a patient.  It is the duty of the pharmacist to resolve the issue).  But if there is a religious component to her or his judgment, the state board needs to remove the license to practice.

       6 Will you respect the rights of those in our diverse communities of faith who deem same-gender marriage to be consistent with their religious creed?

    Yes, with this caveat.  Marriage is a religious observation.  That is between the faithful and their fellows.  Legally, civil unions are contracts and as such are regulated by the state law.  I would support civil unions between any two persons regardless of gender, with all of the tax, inheritance, and other benefits now recognized as legal "marriage", but the term "marriage" should be struck from all civil and criminal law and replaced with "legal union" or some similar term.

       7  Should "faith-based" charities that receive public funds be allowed to discriminate against employees or applicants based on religious beliefs?

    This question is bogus.  No charity should receive public funds, regardless of whether it is "faith-based" or not.  If the state decides it is in its benefit to contribute funds to a specific entity, then they should be appropriated directly and lawfully.

       8 Do you think one's right to disbelieve in God is protected by the same laws that protect someone else's right to believe?

    Yes.  The First Amendment applies universally.

       9 Do you think everyone's religious freedom needs to be protected by what Thomas Jefferson called "a wall of separation" between church and state?

    Yes, with no reservation of any kind.

       10 What should guide our policies on public health and medical research: science or religion?

    I have two arguments for science.  First, religion has not been very successful in treating health and promoting medical research.  Second, science is the only mechanism that we have that can address these issues in a logical way.  Does it always work?  Perhaps not, but its success rate is superior to the rate for religion.

    Sorry for such a long comment, those are my view and I approve this message.  Warmest regards, Doc.

    Sometimes I feel like Robert Louis Stevenson created me. -6.25, -6.05

    by Translator on Wed Apr 16, 2008 at 04:56:51 PM PDT

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