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  •  Sorry I disagree (4+ / 0-)

    Clinon was vile.  Even if they asked questions she wollowed in them.  Had she even loved it, and refused to "rebut" and kept her mouth shut, then it was all ABC's fault.

    The simple fact is throughout each and every smear on Obama, Clinton commented and commented horribly, instead of showing any kind of grace or unity by refusing to play that game As Obama did whe they brought up Bosnia.

    Notice that was the only Clinton smear.  Do ya think they stopped because Obama wouldn't play?  Do you think they would have had that shameful section be only 5-10 minutes if Clinton had shut her pie hole?

    And even with all of ABC's smearing Clinton ADDED her own.  She had to get in at least two anti-semite smears that ABC somehow missed.

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