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  •  deja vu (4.00)
    i've had similar experiences here in texas.  and i tell you, in this sea of fundie rapture monkeys, sporting a kerry bumper sticker is an act of courage.  

    i have two on my car, and i constantly get honks and waves from other people sporting kerry stickers.  it's like there's some weird solidarity going on this year, and it's also a sense of relief that there are actual democrats in north texas who aren't afraid to be proud democrats.

    on the other hand, i have a friend who lives in dallas, and he used to have kerry stickers on his car.  but when some suv-driving asshole tried to run him off the road (LITERALLY) he peeled them off.  he's also been flipped off, heckled, and physically threatened.  i've only been flipped off, but i also get cut off all the time by big rednecks trucks with "w04" stickers on their bumpers.  i consider myself lucky for not having been run off the road yet.

    and i do think that speaks to the polarisation right now.  and it's scary down here in texas.  really freakin' scary!  

    i just refuse to be intimidated any more.  i will scream back, hit back, and get right up in the wrong-wingers faces.  i'm tired of being browbeaten, i'm tired of feeling like i have to hide the fact that i'm a liberal...  BUT...

    on november 3, i'm peeling the stickers off my car just in case.  i do fear retaliation here in texas, especially if kerry wins.  i won't want some bush-enabler taking out his frustration on my property (funny, i thought the GOP respected personal property but that is a total joke).  

    "Democrats: Always standing up for what they later realise they should have believed in." -Jon Stewart, the Daily Show

    by anna on Thu Sep 09, 2004 at 03:29:08 PM PDT

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    •  Waves (none)
      I commute a lot and I give a thumbs up to the Kerry stickers and a thumbs down to the Bushies. One Bush man returned my thumbs down with a middle finger extended. When I motioned to him to pull over to discuss the issue, he sped off at 90 mph. They just don't want to discuss politics. They just want to hate us.
      But I love the solidarity I share with the Kerry people. It's great.
    •  not in Austin (none)
      Much of Texas is wacko, but it's totally different in Austin. I see about 15 or 20 Kerry stickers for every Bush one. Austin is truly a liberal oasis. I just moved here from Boston, and I'm convinced that this is the more progressive city. If my brief experience in this town holds true, you can pretty much assume with accuracy that any random person on the street is not a Bush fan.  

      But of course the further you venture out into rural Texas, the more Bush stickers you'll start to see. Gives me the willies.

      •  Welcome to Austin! (none)
        Yes, you would never know Texas was one of the most conservative states in the country from the number of bumperstickers in support of KE04 or against Bush here in Austin.

        Although I was just on vacation in New England and saw two bumperstickers there on Massachusetts cars--"Bush Belongs Behind Bars" and "Bin Laden Used Your Gas Money"--that I would be afraid to sport on my vehicle outside the Austin city limits.

        Bush belongs behind bars.

        by orchid314 on Fri Sep 10, 2004 at 06:36:13 AM PDT

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      •  People's Republic of Austin (none)
        It's not in Texas, so much as surrounded by Texas!

        Yeah, there are enough pinkos here that you can come out without being totally crazy, but enough bubbas that you'll never take it for granted. Exciting? Yes. Wearing? Yes.

        Hey, welcome, Beantown... I lived in Boston for a while and enjoyed every minute. Hope your stay is an extended one -- it's the kind of town where people who were just passing through twenty years ago are still here.

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