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  •  Such a dilemma. (4.00)
    Part of me wants to go out and key the cars of people with W. stickers, slash their tires, see how THEY like it.  They're bad people. They're like bullies who, upon learning that the Amish are pacifists, go to Lancaster County and taunt and hit them.  They think liberals are wusses who are too polite to defend themselves.  They think they can get away with anything they do to us.  I want to show them we can fight back.  People who get stung by bees tend to show them a bit more respect.

    But even now, my conscience still won't let me stoop to their level and like myself.  I don't believe in vandalism, even if they do.  I don't believe in being vicious.  I don't believe in pre-emptive attcaks, which is part of why I'm against Bush in the first place.

    Damn it, maybe I AM a wuss.  I don't much like myself NOT responding in kind either, but I can't say it's my conscience giving me grief. It's something darker.  

    I am not part of your nutritious breakfast--I am a Free Man!!

    by AdmiralNaismith on Thu Sep 09, 2004 at 04:10:40 PM PDT

    •  Okay (none)
      So this is the problem with our current bumpersticker-based bullshit political dialogue: you don't know the people whose cars you want to vandalize! You also don't know why they might support Bush. They might be rational human beings, you know, who... support... Bush. They MIGHT BE! Such people are probably just uninformed. They might also hate America and want to see us become a sink of imperial corruption like Eastern potentates. And they might be assholes. But they most likely didn't key your or your friend's car. You have no way of knowing, and you're never going to figure it our, are you?

      You're not a wuss for not keying their car. You are a wuss, perhaps, for not waiting around to talk to them when they get back the mall. Or some equivalent activity, since that might be a practical impossibility.

      It isn't true that all smart people are for Kerry. It is true, however, that most stupid nutjobs are conservative. The challenge for those Kerry supporters who do think, though, is to get more people to do like them. And that means facts, determination, and guts.

      (This applies to me and, I suspect, most everyone here as well. Just so you don't take it personal.)

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