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  •  I'm a bad example too (none)
    I'm a flaming liberal.

    I hate Bush.

    And I carry around Re-Defeat Bush bumper stickers and give them out wherever I go.

    Oh, and I'm even on a Running Against Bush slate in DC.

    Rabid hatred.  Bad example I am.  

    I do have to admit that my Freeper friend who knows me to be Wiccan actually accused me of not being religious.  Just because my religious faith isn't the same as yours is no reason to tell me that you have faith and I don't.  I'll stack mine up against hers any day...with mine, I'll live again...will you?

    But additionally, being a good Wiccan, I forgave her.  Enemies are enemies when you do not communicate.  Enemies are enemies when there is fear.  Enemies are enemies when I am unable to to understand and forgive.  She is not my enemy.  She is my sister.  He is not my enemy.  He is my brother.

    Perhaps we all should have a read of the golden rule again.  Might do some real good for members of this administration to start living by it.

    •  It is about love of counry, not hate (4.00)

      I am a liberal. AND I hate George W. Bush.

      I'm a bad example too . . . . I'm a flaming liberal. I hate Bush.

      I have a few flashes of real hate when I read stuff here about the  latest Rovian campaign tactics, but they are not personal hatred of George W himself.  When I see the man I do feel a strong emotion, but it is not hate -- it is profound shame that so many Americas seem to support him.

      That is the reason that stories about polls which seem to show George W. doing better make me feel bad for hours and stories that go into wonkish detail about weighting, selection and 'pushing' and show that those polls are exaggerated give me a strange lift that last for hours.  It is not that I want Mr. George "Wrong" Bush to be personally punished with defeat in the election, it is that I want to see America redeem itself by using its own democracy to remove the blot on its basic goodness and  rightness that the Bush presidency represents.

      Mr. Blade's 'Peace is Patriotic' bumper sticker that started all this sort of captures my feelings toward Bush: more than anything it is my patriotism that makes me want to see him gone.  And that is very different from hate.  For example if something bad were to happen to Bush personally I would take no pleasure it it at all, particularly if it meant that American would never be able to redeem itself by voting  him out of office.

      So for me defeating George W. is all about patriotism, not hate.

      •  Well said (none)
        To my surprise I have finally discovered, over the last four years, what it takes to inspire a sense of patriotism in me. As a lifelong rabid liberal, I admit that I have at times indulged in the assumption that my country is always wrong. Now I feel like we're fighting to save our country.

        Indeed, it's not Bush-hate that I feel. It's patriotism in crisis mode.

        I'll tell what I do hate, though: freepers and talking heads who insist that I'm a hater.

        treason is the reason

        by DjW on Fri Sep 10, 2004 at 10:39:31 AM PDT

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        •  thanks (none)

          I'll tell what I do hate, though: freepers and talking heads who insist that I'm a hater.

          Right.  I can feel hate, and might even be able to feel it toward W under other conditions, but right now my feeling of shame for the nation sort of overwhelms any feelings of hate.

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