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  •  YES! Don't forget that a few days ago, our (9+ / 0-)

    president came out on national TV and admitted without any hesitation that his principals had designed personal torture interrogations for the people he said were "enemy combatants" and THEN he admitted, again without hesitation, that he had approved it!

    On national and international teevee he admitted to war crimes thinking that he can use fear or he can say, We were doing everything to protect the American people from another attack, or some such BS. Did you hear that?  Seems like most Americans and people around the world didn’t hear it because nobody expressed "buyer’s remorse" as far as I could tell.

    And the news then reverts to lapel pin style campaign questions. No mention of the return to law, the economy, the occupation of Iraq, their strong desire to bomb Iran and oh, by the way, does anyone understand why Nancy Pelosi (one of ours) took impeachment off the table?  What about the dinner tables of Americans who can't afford milk for their children?  What about those half empty gas tanks and the huge friggin' SUVs that are destroying our planet?

    Remember that behind every door you knock on, every single human being you come into contact with is either suffering from one or multiple issues that the friggin' media and the friggin' Clinton campaign isn't able to tune in to.  Why?  They're from the past.  They're about NO CHANGE and the status quo.  They are obliged to maintain and pretend that they want to do something for the American people, but they haven't done anything yet to prove to me that my daily life will be better with President Clinton in the White House.

    We're about now.  Obamakins aren't saying too much either, but he promised us a few days ago that one of his first acts as POTUS is to have his Attorney General begin to look at criminal acts.  The 80 year old black woman with tears in her eyes doesn't have time for a Clinton White House.  She only has the now and she knows that Mr. Obama made a promise that he will keep.  In fact, we all know that he's made a lot of promises he will keep. We know, we believe, we work and we will prevail.

    Nobody's talking about the crimes of this cabal, but we all keep it silently inside as we struggle together to save our country and our planet.

    Can we do it?  Yes we can... us and the O-man, Yes we can.

    So keep it going.  Even if we win PA by .5%... let's win it and stay in the now.

    •  Of course not (5+ / 0-)

      he admitted to war crimes . . . Did you hear that?

      But I sure did hear a lot about bitter and flag pins and . . .  oh, yes, Brittney.

      Actually, I did hear about admissions of war crimes. But only on Dem-centric blogs, never never never in the trad media.

      The degree to which you resist injustice is the degree to which you are free. -- Utah Phillips

      by Mnemosyne on Sat Apr 19, 2008 at 07:47:31 AM PDT

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