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  •  I am gay man who has helped raise two (9+ / 0-)

    young boys into  wonderful young men who are now in college stuggling to survive but still hoping to make it ... that picture of adult shoulders and kids on them and your discription watching them be part of this historic moment is something that I believe is impossible for the Main Stream Media to ever capture. they are so lost in what is really happening around us.

    I am so thankful right now for this blog and your diary, your people power reporting,  and mostly for your optimism and hope.

    you like so many of this growing grassroots movement are a  wonderful thing to behold.

    Now Go and GOTV... the arch of justice has just bent another good inch ... thanks to your hard work.

    don't link to MSM; support your alternative grassroots media by linking to them

    by john from vermont on Sat Apr 19, 2008 at 09:37:31 AM PDT

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