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View Diary: Chicago teachers make 100k a year. (104 comments)

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  •  Yes, but let's not pretend (7+ / 0-)

    their salaries are "typical".  Across the country, teachers are paid far less, and when we throw out these kinds of numbers, there are far too many people who are going to say "hey, that sounds pretty good".  I live in a city in which the cost of living is less than that in Chicago, but our teachers, heavily unionized, are starting out at around $30,000/yr and haven't had a raise in nearly 8 years.

    •  Mr wife taught... (3+ / 0-)
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      ... in a rural Illinois public school for 16 years.  When they went union (AFT), it was pointed out to the school board that based on their salary schedule in place at the time, a teacher in the school system maxed out at the top pay on the schedule would not even make the average Illinois teachers' salary.

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