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View Diary: Book Review: Matt Welch's "McCain: The Myth of a Maverick" (64 comments)

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    As a CSPAN junkie (ouch!), I haven't too many important Senate votes. And I can think of very few votes where McCain didn't side with the Republican leadership.
    Sure, there was the torture vote...but not much else I can remember. And that includes a lot of important appropriations Bills that contained things positive for veterans. At least one veterans group has given him a D+ rating for veterans issues. And since he missed nearly 60% of Senate votes in 2007, one wonders how he could even have gotten a rating.....Anyway, the only thing "maverick" about McCain is that when he doesn't get his way he'll "F-bomb" and threaten anyone, even in his own caucus.

    Sen. Smith has it right - This is not one guy who will be easy to deal with, let alone entertain any open questioning of his own positions. Just what we don't need: another President whose advisors/aides will be afraid to cross him.

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