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  •  literature majors (none)
    Is that actually satire?  He's not actually making fun of the republican positions or mocking them or anything.  This is more like... performance art!
    •  Sounds like Satire to me (none)
      Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.

      (from here)

      It's sarcasm and caustic wit attacking and exposing the folly of how the Republicans operate, how the Democrats fail to operate on the same level, and how piss poor the Republican positions are.  I'm not a literature major, but I'd certainly classify this as satire..

      •  I'd say it's good advice. (none)
        Really, that is exactly how the right wing noise machine operates. And we'd best heed that, and use tactics that will work against it--or tactically ignore it (meaning, not go too far on the defensive in response to it) and ram through our own message aggressively--preferably a message that attacks a key pillar of the opposing campaign.

        I would start by attacking them right at the core of their message--by ramming through the message that Bush is an incompetent commander in chief, and doesn't know how to fight the war on terror. Attack the campaign on the one remaining pillar it has holding it up. That they aren't doing precisely this, makes me wonder if a friend of mine has it right when he says "they're both just two Skull and Bones guys pretending to have a real election" and that the Kerry campaign is throwing this one. I sure hope not. But if the Kerry campaign started hammering this administration on its sheer incompetence with national security--with talking points we all know well here but few outside here do--say, a few weeks ago, the Bush campaign would be crashing and burning now, at least forced to be constantly on the defensive because their core message is under serious attack. I still daresay that if the campaign started hammering this theme now, in November Bush would have no real issue left to stand on (besides stuff like abortion and gay hate laws that matter above all else to a FEW people), and Kerry would have a landslide.

        But time for this opportunity, to start such a meme and push it relentlessly Repub-style, is passing, because the noise machine on the right is doing precisely what ETinKY says it's doing, and if it keeps going unchecked (and I'm not talking little point-by-point rebuttals of their trash that no one outside the blogosphere will pay much attention to if they even hear them, I'm talking about making our own loud noise, shouting THEM down for a change), then the Bush campaign will gain decisive control of this presidential race. And this is the LAST incumbent candidate that should ever be able to do this, given the performance of his Presidency. But I think the Kerry campaign, inexplicably, might be letting him.

        Note to Kerry campaign:
        The Dems to the left of Lieberman are already in your camp. Most of the swingers KNOW Kerry will be better for them when it comes to pocketbook issues like jobs and benefits (including health care). But they're weighing that against the "War on Terror", and Bush is the only one hammering on and on that he's strong on that. So that's the illusion most people get from this race: that it's a choice between better economy and safety from terr'ists. And there will be a lot of people who will prioritize the second issue when they come to vote. What they need to know is that Bush is NOT the choice for the second issue either, and that Kerry is. You guys have everything else pretty much sewn up along ideological/party lines. Time to go after the last stronghold of the Bush campaign--and you CAN, so easily, do that. This issue is what I emphasize with everyone I talk to when I talk about the race and what's at stake--and it generally works, or at least makes the Bushies I talk to stop and think some. But I can only reach so many people.

        YOU guys could make it a central theme of the national dialogue, in YOUR favor.

        See the glory of the royal scam

        by Alioth on Sat Sep 11, 2004 at 03:33:18 AM PDT

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