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  •  Fuckin' A! (4.00)
    You know, seriously, I've been thinking about this all day.  We run from the word "Liberal" because THEY say it's bad to be a "Librul" and we are constantly explaining ourselves or defending ourselves or, worse yet-doing their work for them by attacking our own!

    We need to take the same "Fuck You-Whadaya gonna do about it" attitude they do!

    1. When did you stop snortin' Coke Mr. President?

    2. How many times have you been arrested?

    3. Name 3 people you did duty with in Alabama.

    4. Where are the documents proving that your CO said it was 'ok' for you to decide NOT to get your flight physical?

       *Tony McPeak should be out talking about what would be the normal punishment for an USAF Pilot who "decided" he wasn't going to fly anymore.

    5. At what base in Massachusetts did you complete you ANG commitment?  Who was you CO?  Name 3 people you served with there.

    "I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!"

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