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View Diary: I'm an Expert., and I Say They're Not Forged (139 comments)

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  •  Nonsense (4.00)
    I learned to type in a high school typing class, ca. 1967, using manual typewriters. One of the skills taught was how to center heads exactly. It could be done with prior calculation. The teacher would take points off if the heads were not centered exactly.

    And if you could do it with a manual, you sure as hell could do it with an electric.

    •  I'm using this as a tip jar ... (4.00) rate your terrific post. With luck, it will get linked to a hundred sites where those who think the memos are forgeries are making their lame comments.

      Dubyannochio told us the war on terrorism can be won before he said it can't be won, but that was before he said it can be won.

      by Meteor Blades on Fri Sep 10, 2004 at 07:15:12 PM PDT

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    •  Heck, I Centered Heads With The Old Underwood (none)
      I learned on, which looked and felt like a Model T.

      The lies they're telling now are so low-grade they remind me of the Florida recount.

      Excellent post, btw.

      The Structure of Lies In A Land Without Silence--Let's put the information back in the information age!

      by Paul Rosenberg on Fri Sep 10, 2004 at 07:16:27 PM PDT

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    •  I think this is bogus... did from the first minute (none)
      but I think the main thing not debunked is the centering.

      I learned to center by backspacing once for every two characters.  Worked for fixed width (if you had an even number of chars in your title).

      But was there a way to do this with proportional text?

      I know as typewriters got computerized you would type the title in the LCD display and the machine would center it for you.

      •  All Things in Proportional (none)
        If you wanted to center proportional text, you simply added up the ems and ens and els of width in the phrase you wished to center, and then found the midpoint that way. Since this was very similar to the way you would right-justify text when typing a line, it was also a fairly common skill for professionals; I've even seen rank amateurs doing it in their heads before, although I never have. I have, however, done it with headline text, before bending to the task of placing the Letraset sheets in place. :-)
        •  Centering (3.66)
          It's important to remember that the text they're talking about centering was the heading - the name and adress of the unit.  In other words, fixed text that the typists would have typed out the exact same way in dozens of documents every day.  Of course they knew how to center it.  This is one more preternaturally stupid claim.
    •  absolutely right (none)
      I still have my typing textbook that explains exactly how to center both vertically and horizontally.  And my typing teachers then were perfectionists.  You were required to know these things to pass.
    •  OH maaaaaaaan (none)
      I completely forgot about the centering lesson in typing class.  I remember it now, tho.

      Counting the number of letters/spaces in a line...dividing the number in half..and then backspacing that amount.

      Criminey I'm old.

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