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View Diary: I'm an Expert., and I Say They're Not Forged (139 comments)

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  •  width of "CYA" vs "ill" (none)
    While I respect your expertise in this field,
    the evidence for proportional spacing does seem
    very strong - I blew up the PDF and compared
    the width of "CYA" with "ill" - it's roughly
    a 2.6x difference in width for these two 3-letter
    sequences.  Surely this amount of distortion
    couldn't be generated even by multiple copying/
    scanning steps ?  At least not without making the
    whole thing look very weird ...

    So it looks like the IBM Executive is the most
    promising candidate, rather than the commoner
    Selectric.  But of course experts should study
    the original under magnification (and test the
    paper and ink/carbon if possible).

    •  No they shouldn't (none)
      they experts should say if it is possible that these are real. If it is possible then they have been proven real.  Why?

      Independent sources verify that they are already, on the record.  

      But you're missing the point.  BUSH WAS AWOL.  You don't need these memos to prove that.

      •  But the Memos Proved he Lied (none)
        and is still lying today - and that's why it does matter - the AWOL part isn't important, what matters is that he has a history of liying, and since you can't trust a liar, well, isn't that the whole point of the Flip-Flop meme, that your opponent is not TRUSTWORTHY.

        Better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to speak up and remove all doubt.

        by David in Burbank on Sat Sep 11, 2004 at 09:11:56 AM PDT

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        •  It was already proven that he lied... (none)
          ...before the memos came out.

          The documents released by the White House in February prove that Bush didn't complete his Guard Service and didn't make up the lost time, as he said he did.

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