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    ... sigh ; )

    You can see from the architecture that Pennsylvania was one of the 13 original colonies. (photo hint above ^)

    Altho I am a mixed mutt now living on the west Coast, where my dad grew up, both my maternal and paternal sides go back centuries in documented PA residencey and so does my spouse's. His mother, in her 70's, still lives there, and most of my relatives live (there. Both of us attended a university in PA, (spouse was the one who got the advanced degree, tho. Photo hint above ^ )

    A lot of water is used in industrial manufacturing processes such as steelmaking, as well as coal used to heat the boilers that provide steam electricity. (photo hint above^)

    A large number of people who settled the colony were German farmers, as PA has a wonderful temperate climate for growing crops and fairly consistant rainfall averaging 30 to 40" year. Because of past glacial coverage, the mountain chains are worn down and the valleys have good topsoil.

    Pennsylvania also suffered greatly during the Civil War between the states.
    (end photo hints^ )

    I know this is slightly off topic, but as a sign of good foreshadowing, I just watched my local news here in CA Sac area for a few minutes @ 5pm.  As expected, "too close to call." Then they cut live to a very blonde female reporter who said she'd been there all day in Phila watching, and "too close to call." Then they showed some voters voting, (male caucasians being assisted by an AA poll worker) and then they cut to 2 short interviews with voters.... one was, you guessed it, very fair complected white male with light reddish blonde hair and the other, of course, was a younger, lovely peaches and cream pale female with... light reddish tan hair.) One had voted HClinton and the other younger lady Obama.

    I thought it was cute that the KCRA channel 3 had travelled all the way to Philadelphia with a live reporter so determined to make me feel at home with her 5 o clock report that all we saw were people who were Irish looking, just like me...... talk about spin cycle. Absolutely ****ing ridiculous is more like it, neither CA, Sacramento, nor Philadelphia is made up exclusively of that demographic and I would say based on the visual spin cycle that Philadelphia has gone to Obama big time.
    This combined with what I have been seeing repeatedly here on dailykos and when I forayed into middle and western PA sources, places I've lived, which were traditionally former Republican strongholds, and saw all the support Obama is getting, is saying to me that indeed it may be too close to call but

    PA is Going To either Nearly Tie +- few points either way or Obama is going to take it.

    Sacramento is one of the most racially diverse and tolerant areas in the country, if not the world, SO IS PHILLY, and I just hope if any Philadelphians were watching that they don't think poorly of us when the actual vote totals come in.  

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