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  •  In 1929 a meer-schmeer $6 billion (1+ / 0-)
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    "disappeared" and folks were totally up in arms to find out who "stole" it - One side of my family never did accept that nobody stole it, it never existed in the first place.  Funny money created by kiting checks is the closest analogy I've ever gotten from the more savvy side of the family.

    Thank heaven's I bought my house 10 years ago (last refinance was 3 years ago) - although the "bubble" ran the "value" of my home up to $150K, the drop is not likely to get below what I most recently refinanced it for (and I just did the refinance to get a better rate, NOT to get money to blow).  My few mutual funds (Cref from work and Pax personally) are both down about 5% for the 1st quarter, but I'm not really depending on them for retirement anyway (I mean, come on, I've less than $10K between the 2 of them.)  Now I'll be out for blood if those g.d. neocons actually get their hands on my social security!  (There was a reason why social security was kept out of the stock market and we are seeing that reason again today.)

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