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View Diary: Popular Vote: Listen Up, Obama Surrogates (Updated) (276 comments)

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    unrelated to the popular vote:  Whenever talking about gun issues would it kill you (Obama & co.) to 1) emphasize that under no circumstances do you want to take away hunting rifles, and 2) that the issue of guns differs widely whether you're talking about guns in cities like Washington or L.A. where the question is one of gang violence and rural areas?  I'm not a gun owner and have no desire to ever own a gun, but it seems to me that this particular issue kills us needlessly among small town folk that simply don't understand the nature of the issue in metropolitan areas.  Obama has not done well fielding these issues.  As far as I'm concerned, when facing neoliberal deregulations of the market on the economic front, or the looming climate crisis, these are non-issues like gay marriage that serve only to divide, but certainly we can have better responses to them.

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