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    soms, Liberal Pagan

    Jerome picked the info off a Hillary web site - something Hub - and ran with it.  He did not actually go to the source and proceed to doctor the numbers.  Don't know if that makes a difference except that if Jerome had any concern about his own integrity you would think he would do his own fact checking or go to the source.  Otherwise he is just a shill, if even an inadvertent one, because he is relying on a compromised source for his information.  This is little thread is evidence of the continuity of the Clinton to Bush to ........ Clinton White House SOP.  If everything is spin, then nothing is real and so policies and programs are based on ideology and wishful thinking not on facts.  One of the main arguments of the Democratic candidate in 2008 is that he will return our government to a reality based form of government.  Hillary is on shaky ground here.

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