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    jre2k8, Liberal Pagan

    I believe, that yet-again their audacious behavior will backfire.  They are so over-the-top, with what can only be concluded as no fore-site, that they consistently shoot themselves in the foot.  If this meme gets pushed, all it will do is open the doors for the media to actually have to look into it and note how absurd their calculations are.  Yet again exposing these people for the sniveling conniving power-whores that they are.

    Or will the media just gloss over it and further prove they are the #1 threat to our democracy, as they shape our public discourse by what matters to their agenda?

    I still think strategically, it's not a smart move.  My only conclusion is that it's more of creating a clusterfuck of a situation, so as to just freeze the supers who are possibly on the verge of ending the race.  Their entire MO is to live to see another day, by any means necessary.  I believe that they think that as long as they continue to avoid elimination, they can figure out a way to do it again and again and again and they'll end up the last ones standing amidst the rubbles.  

    It's a strategy that seems to work for them, but solely for them.  The problem is that we're not voting on who we think is best to win the race, we're voting on who's best suited to lead this country.  And if you prove that your entire MO is to preserve your own power by any means necessary, at the expense of any and everyone else, only doing it through a series of extremely short-sited moves, then you sure as hell shouldn't be the ones leading our country.  

    I'm voting on who I want to lead the country.  And it's not the person who can "play the game" better, when I believe the whole "game" is severely damaged and corrupted to begin with.  

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