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  •  Jerome Armstrong (1+ / 0-)
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    Kos, I think it might help if you just put Jerome's comments in the same category as comments from Mark Penn, James Carville or Terry MacAuliffe.  For whatever the reason (is he consulting for her?), his blind devotion to Clinton prevents him from making an intelligent contribution to the nomination race.  Every comment is made in the framework of why Clinton MUST be the nominee and why Obama is a poorer candidate.  From time-to-time he assures us that he will back Obama should Obama win the nomination, but he forcefully advocates any and all dirty (Republican) polticial attacks on Obama.  The rest of the posters on mydd are certainly thoughtful, regardless of whether they are Obama (Singer) or Clinton (Beeton) supporteres.  Bt on the topic of the D nomination Jerome Armstrong has completely lost his mind.

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