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  •  And they're not doing it for sport. They want (3+ / 0-)

    war with Iran.

    ABC telegraphed this with its substanceless attacks on Obama in their "Pharce in Philly" debate, and Hillary telegraphed it again Monday on GMA with her promise to "obliteate" Iran.

    She and McCain want war with Iran, Obama does not, and together they're trying to triangulate him out of the presidential race with the help of the media-industrial complex.

    Adm. Fallon was the last man to stand in the way of this folly, and on removal did not deny the substance of Esquire's article on Bush/Cheney's plans to strike Iran.

    The only way we can hope to prevent this strike is to block the nomination of Petraeus to Centcom.  It's a brilliant play by the establishment.  If Obama supports blocking the appointment, he'll be portrayed as an unreliable ally to Israel (and tied to Carter's doddering around with Hamas), while Hillary and McCain take the other side.  If he doesn't stand in the way, his vote against Kyl-Lieberman will be questioned by progressives, who will peel off from his support just in time for the convention.

    If Petraeus is confirmed, I'd think war with Iran is assured.  This year is the 30th anniversary of the revolt against the Shah.  The Shah was our guy, we installed him, and the mullahs have fucked with US geo-petrol political supremacy ever since.  And today, we're paying more for oil adjusted for inflation than during the Iranian shock of 1979.

    Why not war? say Hillary and McCain...

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