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  •  those comedy lessons have been paying off (1+ / 0-)
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    that being said, dont quit your day job.

    McBush wont win 20 states.  Barack will win OH and PA without much difficulty.  While Hillary would add FL to the equation, she would lose 10 states in the process (NH, VA, NV, CO, OR, ME, etc.)

    McBush has no shot against either candidate.  The key distinction between Barack and Hillary is that with Barack at the top of the ticket we have positive coattails which translates to picking up 8-11 in the senate and 24-32 in the house, whereas with Hillary we only pick up 3-4 in the senate and 12-14 in the house.

    your (il)logic is funny.  counting a state that was barred from being counted due to its clear breaking of the rules, that one candidate didnt campaign in and wasnt on the ballot.  that is funny stuff.

    The world is so cold and the rhythm is your blanket, wrap yourself up in it, if you love it then you'll thank it.

    by Ajax the Greater on Wed Apr 23, 2008 at 01:54:37 PM PDT

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