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  •  Of course it is very negative because of the lies (0+ / 0-)

    peddled by Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and that angry imbecile Jack Cafferty.  They lie about things the Clintons said and they hide Obama's lies.  Every time sniper is used, there should be equal time for being born 4 years before you are conceived, that Reagan was what the country needed, that Obama never heard but then he did and then he was actually there for Wright's hate speak, and sending out faxes to the useless journalists mentioned above about what Bill Clinton said in So Carolina. They never checked it out and they never looked for the context...they just followed the Obama lies in their morning faxes.

    Unfortunately, those jerks want to believe the Obama faxes because they are very shallow and want something new to write about.  They don't want to write about the Clintons anymore.  However, I don't give a shit what they want, I care about what I want and what I think the country needs.  

    Obama runs negative ads against Hillary's Universal Health Care program and these jerks attack Hillary for a postive ad they called negative about things presidents have to face.  The ad never mentioned the word Obama and was only positive about Hillary's ability.  

    If Obama doesn't have the ability and the experience then the answer is not to get rid of the commercial, instead, get rid of Obama until he has the experience.

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." Sinclair Lewis

    by cpa1 on Wed Apr 23, 2008 at 02:03:31 PM PDT

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