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View Diary: Barack Obama to Fundraise for DNC w/ Latest Polls (307 comments)

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    The Clinton campaign wants the talking point of FL and MI, but they don't actually want revotes, and have worked behind the scenes to stop them by refusing to agree to any plan other than their unreasonable one.  

    Add to that the fact that neither state has the resources necessary to set up a fair and effective revote before the deadline, and the legal issues involved in farming out voter rolls to outside companies to run the vote, and you have a process that is so flawed it won't be any better than the beauty contest that already happened, and could lead to further legal questions and contestation, tying up the Dems even longer.

    It sucks, but think of the good of the party.  Anyone who votes McCain based on this isn't looking at policies or issues, and were always soft support anyway.  Obama already outpolls McCain in MI, and FL was a long shot for the fall even without this mess.  

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