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View Diary: TANG Typewriter [URGENT]: Is it the Composer? (99 comments)

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  •  The M looks wider to me, too (none)
    the more I look at it, as does the 'W'... see the text "IAW AFM" (which, as a side note, shows absolutely no kerning on either copy.)  Everything else looks like a perfect match, Composer-to-memo, but those two characters still seem off to me, and I can't rationalize it with photocopy bleeding or other distortions.

    So it's much better than Word -- at least the letters all have the serifs in the right places -- but not good enough, yet, IMHO.

    Hmm.  We think that the Executive had fewer 'units' of proportionality than the Composer, but we don't know if those 'units' were differently sized than the Composer.  So I'm not sure we can assume the characters would be narrower; in fact, I would really doubt it.  An 'M' 33% narrower than that of the Composer sample would be very, very awkwardly shaped, after all -- it'd look goofy.

    Sigh.  We simply have to find an Executive from that era with Press Roman font.  That's still our best bet.  Supposedly, the things were dumped into the surplus market by the bucketful in the mid/late seventies, so there should be some around.  And damn it, IBM should have one.

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