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View Diary: US murders journalist and 11 other civilians on live TV (99 comments)

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  •  Civilian deaths are so myst-erious (4.00)
    So unresolved.  So open to question.  And usually, so . . . invisible.

    I missed the evening news reports tonight, so thanks for this diary.  It does sound like this incident will be difficult for the military to 'splain away with the usual vague generalities and polite regret.    

    More from Reuters via  

    Reuters footage showed the crowd to be made up of unarmed boys and men, two of whom were standing on top of the Bradley.

    Some had been celebrating the destruction of the armoured car.

    Others were discussing what had happened and quietly watching the Bradley burn, sending thick black smoke into the sky. Then the attack began.

    And from a March 2004 story, Journalists protest at deaths of colleagues, note this about the previous checkpoint killings:  

    "They were shot when they were going away from the checkpoint, not approaching it, so they were shot from the back. This is what eyewitnesses from the bureau are saying," he added.

    The horrible irony is that even in death, these reporters have continued to bring out stories that we would never otherwise see.

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