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View Diary: US murders journalist and 11 other civilians on live TV (99 comments)

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  •  Saddam (none)
    They can't get a judge to try him.

    Nueim al-Okeili, the latest, has refused the job.

    •  Still I bet (none)
      They'll get somebody. They want this big time. And they don't want the world to hear Saddam talk about his past support from the Reagan administration, or any contact with Bush1 if there was any, or Rumsfeld's visits to Iraq to make deals with him. We have those pix but American TV doesn't run them. That's down the memory hole.
      The audio will be controlled I expect.
    •  There's Got to be a Bunch That Would ... (none)
      ... if they could avoid the stain of association with BushCo. That's got to be a de facto death warrant.

      We're all soooo Cheney'd ...

      vote early - vote often

      by wystler on Mon Sep 13, 2004 at 10:59:32 AM PDT

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