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View Diary: The Importance of Women Voters, and the Stupidity of Ignoring Them (90 comments)

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    Larry Bailey, orangeuglad

    I am a very strong supporter of Obama. But I do feel he would be stronger if he placed front and center his support of women's issues --- especially  issues like day care, work flex time, family leave (even paid family leave) that are standard European and Canadian policies.  There was a great article in The Nation about a year ago called The Motherhood Manifesto, which focuses on a bill of rights for working mothers that already exists in every European country....(even universal health care was considered part of this bill of rights.) This would help him with women voters in general and working class women voters in particular.

    Hillary Clinton speaks about these issues easily.  I think that it is important that Obama speak to women just as clearly.  I am sure that he supports all of these policies.    But it would be great if he started speaking about women's issues immediately.

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      I have just read the other comments.  It is not enough to say that there is a gender divide by age or that people don't vote according to gender or race.  Yes, people vote according to the issues.  And there are certain issues that Obama supports strongly but does not talk about.  He could talk about these issues easily and speak to a group of women who haven't voted for him.  Why not?  Why not speak to every possible voter?

      I love him. He is inclusive, he is of the grassroots.  He is an organizer.  That means speaking to everyone.

      Obama is going through a rough time lately.  Even his supporters say he has to be clearer on what he stands for--- just take a look at Bob Herbert's editorials in the NY Times this week.

      We can help.  Here is an issue that would gain him a lot of support....across gender, race and class lines... where he can be specific  To be honest I don't know any women in NYC who support her--- perhaps because we have gotten to see her up close and personal... many don't trust her.  None the less, the women who vote for her are looking for something, and that should be respected.

      •  I know her. I live in NY (0+ / 0-)

        I know hundreds of women who know and admire her.

        She is a genuinely good person....and what she has taken from being Senator and talking to small shop owners or farmers in upstate NY,  is the ability to see the world from their eyes.  She loves being Senator...because she genuinely wants to make other people's lives better.

        The measure of a good politician, which I see as an honorable calling, is the ability to walk in other people's shoes.  That is exactly why Obama's San Francisco rematks were so damaging.  He spoke to RICH people about poor and middle class people as though he was an anthropologist discussing some tribe or a sociologist discussing some class or a scientist discussing some interesting species....that's being aloof and distant.  he was telling the world he couldn't walk in their shoes.  He telelgraphing that he's wasn't emotionally empathetic...he has intellectual understanding but not that ability to walk in other's shoes and see the world with others' eyes.  

        She has that now...working hard at her job has given that to her.  Obama starting running for president before he could develop it.

    •  I don't get the impression that many (0+ / 0-)

      women supporting Hillary are supporting her primarily because of her stand on the issues. To appeal to these Hillary supporters, I think Obama would need to get a sex change operation and then marry a womanizing creep and be publicly humiliated by spousal adultery.

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