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View Diary: The Importance of Women Voters, and the Stupidity of Ignoring Them (90 comments)

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    I am 58, female, (considered to be) white and more than anything I'd like to see a woman in the WH before I die.  I have done every kind of mental gymnastics that I could think of but I cannot justify voting for Clinton simply on that basis.  With every election cycle I have looked at candidates, weighed arguments and positions, and most often, voted for the lesser of the evils.  I can't let one thing determine who I vote for.  There may be one thing that tips the balance but single issue voting is irresponsible.  The longer this race goes on, the more outrageous she becomes.  Yes, she is sleep-deprived, desperate, and stressed to the max.  I don't find that a convincing argument for threatening to obliterate an entire country (which would also contaminate an even larger region for eons).  I had a different preference at the beginning (Biden) but given the choices remaining, I prefer hope to bravado.  I am not going against my gender.  I am going for a better country.

    -7.62, -7.28 "We told the truth. We obeyed the law. We kept the peace." - Walter Mondale

    by luckylizard on Sun Apr 27, 2008 at 01:26:18 PM PDT

    •  I never implied you were (0+ / 0-)

      I think there are positive reasons to support her...from her progressive policies to her ardent Democratic partisanship.

      I think she would be a better, more decisive and determined executive.  she wuld be more uncompromising with the Republicans I think that's a good thing.  the fact that he compromises so readily to me is a bad thing.  It actually used to be a bad thing for the propietor of this blog.

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