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View Diary: The Importance of Women Voters, and the Stupidity of Ignoring Them (90 comments)

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  •  Did you know that LBJ and MLK strategized (0+ / 0-)

    together on phone calls to pass the Voting Rights Act?  bill Moyers, LBJ's press secretary has testiified to that.

    It is exactly that.  MLK's envisioned his own role as one who was to create an environment by challenging and invoking "white guilt" enough so that LBJ could get Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act.  So Hillary was describing a historical and political reality...A characterization that MLK would have agreed with.  MLK saw his role to be activist who got legislators to make laws.  

    That was a perfect example of the Obama campaign crying race and disrespect where there is none.

    I am a prochoice activist, have been one for decades and I see my role to create scenarios which push and enable legislators to make good laws and stop bad ones.

    So has it been okay with you when the the press and hundreds of comments in this blog ar sexist and demeaning. How about the "Iron My shirt" comment or Matthews calling her voice like chalk on a blacboard or Barnicle saying she sounded like evryone's first wife or Olbermann implying a man shuld take her into a room and she shouldn't come out.  The overt sexism is real.  There has been very little overt racism in this campaign...

    As I reread what I write in response to you I realize that your angry comments only engender more anger from others... that was exactly why I tried to post this diary.  to try to turn negative anger into something positive....

    Once again I have to say Obama's supporters do him no good.  

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