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View Diary: Don't Beat Repubs. by Acting Like Them! (9 comments)

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    The Republicans are deadly serious about all this. They use every means at their disposal to spread their message. They pick fights they can't win because they've figured out you don't need to win battles in order to win the war. Once they get power, they do everything they can with it to entrench themselves and reward the people who put them there.

    We need a message machine, a Mighty Wurlitzer of our own to push our worldview and our policies. The Republicans aren't ever going to shut up or change their tune, so we need to drown them out. In politics, perception is reality. The Republicans understand this and use it ... and we don't or won't.

    We need to fight. Run a Democrat in every election. Initiate progressive legislation like there's no tomorrow, and strike down every conservative bill no matter what. Refuse to compromise and call it out for the watering-down it is. Shout our victories to the heavens and make a mighty stink after every defeat. Fighting even if you lose every time can still build an image of strength that the people will trust and deliver more money and votes to in the hope of strengthening you further, especially if you can keep them blaming your enemy instead of you for the defeat.

    We need to deliver. Promises and bluster will only take us so far. We need actual laws, programs, and policy shifts to back it all up. When you gain the advantage, you press it and keep trying for a little more, instead of settling down and letting the momentum evaporate. The Right accomplished what they did through 30 years of trifling acts that built up over time, while we still think in terms of "The Revolution" that'll transform everything overnight.

    "I must Create a System or be enslav'd to another Man's." - William Blake

    by Visceral on Sun Apr 27, 2008 at 03:52:42 PM PDT

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